PA Oil and Gas Mapping

Welcome to DEP's Oil and Gas Mapping Website. This interactive website shows the location of both conventional and unconventional oil and gas wells, including producing and non-producing wells, based on information from permit applications, authorization requests and operator submitted reports. The user can request this data set to display the information based on the permit number, combinations of operator that submitted the report, the county in which the well is located or the Municipality (also known as a Minor Civil Division or MCD) in which the well is located. The user also has the ability to use map functionality to locate a specific address, county, latitude and longitude, municipality or zip code. Additionally, the user has the ability to link to the PA DEP Oil & Gas Reporting Website to review production and waste reporting as provided by the operators. Please note that only wells which have locational information and are located within the boundaries of Pennsylvania will be available. To learn how to use this application, watch the You Tube tutorial here.

DEP expressly disclaims any liability for errors or omissions related to data contained within this mapping application and/or the reports linked to this mapping application. No warranty of any kind is given by DEP with respect to the data contained within this application and/or the reports linked to this application.